Jelly Beans Preschool

Welcome to the Jelly Beans Preschool.

We have one intake into preschool in the September after your child’s third birthday. The children spend a full academic year with us preparing for school. We work with the local schools for a smooth transition. The children follow the EYFS curriculum and take part in carefully planned activities based on their interests and age and stage of development.

We promote independence within the preschool by having a self-service water dispenser and a self-service snack time. The children help themselves to water throughout the day and serve snack in the dining room.

We have a music and movement or yoga session each day where the children learn to dress and undress into P.E kit, in preparation for school. When it is time to go outside we encourage the children to put on their own coat and do up the fastenings.

We have a small group focused activity each day where we can help the children with certain areas such as turn taking; fine motor skills or attention and listening. We look at name recognition, letter and sound activities as well as counting and shape games.

Please see below for our daily routine and a few snaps of the room.

Preschool Routine

7.30-9.00 Freeplay

9.00-9.15 Morning meeting

9.15-10.00 Free play and planned activities

10.00-10.10 Tidy up time

10.10-10.30 Circle time

10.30-10.50 Snack time

10.50-11.20 Small group activity time

11.20-11.30 Tidy up time

11.30-12.00 Gym/Outside/Music and movement

12.00-12.30 Story and singing

12.30-1.00 Lunch time

1.00-1.15 Afternoon meeting

1.15-2.00 Free play and planned activities

2.00-2.10 Tidy up time

2.10-2.30 Circle time

2.30-2.50 Snack time

2.50-3.20 Small group activity time

3.20-3.30 Tidy up time

3.30-4.00 Gym/Outside/Music and movement

4.00-4.30 Tea time

4.30-6.00 Freeplay